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What kind of hero is Batman?

Batman is a comic hero.  Hes an antihero.  He lacks beauty in his appearance, because he wears all black, with just a yellow bat on his chest.  Although he captures the bad guys, he also kills them so therefor hes not really a hero he is because he captures the bad guys but isn’t because he kills them too. But batman only killed them because they killed his family.  He only wanted to get back at the guys who killed his family.


Lauren Daniels:This song is about irony, there is something depressing. All of the lyrics in the song were good but something bad always happened.

Paige Addison: Yes i beleive this song is ironic because if you actually listen to the lyrics while reading the lyrics you will see oposites in things, i dont know why but when alanis says “its like rain on your wedding day” it seems ironic like rain on your wedding day no one wants rain on their wedding day, “its a free ride when you’ve already paid” those lyrics are odd well if you already paid then its not really free but if you paid earlier its like somethings free so what the lyrics say arent literally what they mean. so yess this song the words in it are ironic


Alanis Morissette - Ironic (by heyimjason)

Podetron: A little meditation on irony from Ms. Alanis Morissette.  Takin’ it back to the 90s.  What do you think—considering the definition of irony, ironic or not?  I will upload the lyrics as well so you can do a true analysis.

Sean Sullivan- This song is absolutely ironic. The whole thing is based on irony. For god sake, it is entitled “Ironic”. If something is ironic, something is happening in the opposite to what is expected, thus typically causing wry amusement; and that my friends is what this whole song is about.

Respond to these questions today, January 30, 2012

  • What does the word HERO mean to you? Did Gilgamesh seem heroic to you? why, why not? Discuss among yourselves, by blogging and reblogging, why you would or would not classify Gilgamesh as a hero.

  • Paige Addison

  • When I think of the word HERO I naturally think of superman, batman, and spider man. But when i actually think of a hero and what a hero means to me; to me a hero is a person who is always there for you, and helps you in life, it can be a person who has saved your life, but not always it can also be someone who has helps you through obstacles and struggles in life. Gilgamesh is not so much a bad person but nor is he a hero he is a bit selfish and seems hated, so therefor no i don't think Gilgamesh is a hero.

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